Irudhi Suttru
(Tamil movie)

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  • Language: Tamil
  • Censored: U
  • Release Date: 29 January 2016
  • Runtime: 112 min
  • Genres: Drama
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Irudhi Suttru is a 2016 Indian Tamil Drama movie. The cast and crew of Irudhi Suttru includes R. Madhavan (Actor), Ritika Singh (Actor), Mumtaz Sorcar (Actor), Nassar (Actor), Radha Ravi (Actor), Kaali Venkat (Actor), Zakir Hussain (Actor), Baljinder Kaur (Actor), Sivakumar Vijayan (Cinematographer), Sudha K. Prasad (Director), Santhosh Narayanan (Music Composer) .

Prabhu is an Indian boxing association coach stationed at the Sports Authority of India, Hisar. He is arrogant, rude and a highly successful women's boxing coach. Above all he is a loner and has no time for social norms. He believes the girls who come to him for training come with absolutely no vision, and he gives them the vision. Prabhu becomes a victim of the association politics. He is transferred to Tamil Nadu, a state with dismal boxers on false sexual harassment charges. Prabhu challenges the corrupt old guard that he will make a champion wherever he maybe.

In this quest, he meets a 17-year-old fish seller with a rare fighting spirit but least interested in the sport. Mathi's never taken orders from anyone and Prabhu has never had an order disobeyed. It's a battle of wills between the reluctant girl who has all the talent and is least interested in promoting it and a man who sees in her the capacity to achieve what he never could.

When these two extremely similar characters collide, the chain reaction is a life altering melt down for them both. Wry, funny, and powerfully emotional, it’s essentially a story of two outcasts who heal each other.