Anoop Seelin
(Music Composer)

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  • Date of Birth: 24 October 1985
  • Age: about 38 years
  • Credits: Music Composer

Mini Bio: Anoop Seelin is an Indian film Music Composer.

Anoop Seelin is an Indian film music director and playback singer in the Kannada film industry. He has scored music for films such as Gooli, Eddelu Manjunatha, Preethse Preethse, Yaksha, I Am Sorry Mathe Banni Preethsona, Manasology, Sidlingu, Parari and Madarangi. He won the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Music Director for his work in Sidlingu.

Anoop Seelin for his debut to Tamil film in the background music for ‘Goli Soda’.


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