(Tamil movie)

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  • Language: Tamil
  • Censored: -
  • Release Date: 17 August 1995
  • Runtime: 180 min
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Vishnu is a 1995 Indian Tamil movie. The cast and crew of Vishnu includes Vijay (Actor), Sanghavi (Actor), Jaishankar (Actor), Senthil (Actor), Thalaivasal Vijay (Actor), S. S. Chandran (Actor), Shilpa Anand (Actor), S. A. Chandrasekhar (Director), Deva (Music Composer) .

Vishnu (Vijay)'s father wants to bring up his son as a timid person but the guy desires to explore the world and hates his Dad's overprotection. So Vishnu leaves home and goes to work in an estate claiming that he is an orphan. The owner of the estate adopts Vishnu as his son.Meanwhile Vishnu falls in love with Radha (Sanghavi). Everything goes fine for Vijay till his adoped father shows a photograph and asks Vijay to kill the people in the photo if he really wants to prove the affection he has for him.