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  • Language: Tamil
  • Censored: U/A
  • Release Date: 23 June 2023
  • Runtime: 103 min
  • Genres: Crime Thriller
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Regina is a 2023 Indian Tamil Crime and Thriller movie. The cast and crew of Regina includes Nivas (Actor), Sunaina (Actor), Ananth Nag (Actor), Bava Chelladurai (Actor), Sai Dheena (Actor), Gajaraj (Actor), Vivek Prasanna (Actor), Domin D Silva (Director), Sathish Nair (Music) .

Regina, a principled and sincere young woman, revolves her life around her father, a dedicated social activist. Unfortunately, tragedy befalls her when her father is accidentally killed in an incident. Amidst the turmoil, a close friend of her father takes Regina under his wing and arranges her marriage to Jo, an employee at a private bank in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. This union grants Regina a fresh start, and she embraces a simple yet contented life with Jo in a rented house, while their landlord resides on the ground floor.

As the years pass, Regina finally experiences the joy of conceiving a child. The couple's happiness seems complete until an unforeseen calamity strikes. A meticulously planned heist unfolds at Jo's bank, and amidst the chaos, Jo courageously steps in to protect the staff. Tragically, one of the gang members ruthlessly attacks and kills Jo. Upon receiving the devastating news, Regina rushes to the hospital, her desperate pleas for help falling on deaf ears as Jo's life slips away forever. Once again, Regina's world shatters into countless pieces.

Days turn into a haze as Regina secludes herself within the confines of her room, enduring the overwhelming solitude. Then, one day, without uttering a single word, she quietly hands over the keys to their rented dwelling and steps out into the unknown. Her whereabouts remain a mystery to all who knew her.

Name Credited Role
Actor Nivas in Regina, Actor Nivas photos, videos in Regina Nivas
Actor Sunaina in Regina, Actor Sunaina photos, videos in Regina Sunaina
Actor Ananth Nag in Regina, Actor Ananth Nag photos, videos in Regina Ananth Nag
Actor Bava Chelladurai in Regina, Actor Bava Chelladurai photos, videos in Regina Bava Chelladurai
Actor Sai Dheena in Regina, Actor Sai Dheena photos, videos in Regina Sai Dheena
Actor Gajaraj in Regina, Actor Gajaraj photos, videos in Regina Gajaraj
Actor Vivek Prasanna in Regina, Actor Vivek Prasanna photos, videos in Regina Vivek Prasanna
Director  Domin D Silva in Regina, Director  Domin D Silva photos, videos in Regina Domin D Silva
Music Sathish Nair in Regina, Music Sathish Nair photos, videos in Regina Sathish Nair