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  • Language: Telugu
  • Censored: U/A
  • Release Date: 04 January 2019
  • Runtime: 137 min
  • Genres: Drama Horror Thriller
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Natana is a 2019 Indian Telugu Drama, Horror, and Thriller movie. The cast and crew of Natana includes Shravya (Actor), Mahidar (Actor), Bhanu Chander (Actor), Dora Babu (Actor), Jabardasth Appa Rao (Actor), Jabardasth Phani (Actor), Prabhas Sreenu (Actor), Raghu Babu (Actor), Vasu (Cinematographer), Bharathi Babu Penupaatruni (Director), Lanka Prabhu Praveen (Music Composer), M. M. Sreelekha (Music Composer) .

Mahidar (Sriram) is an aspiring actor who falls in love with Janaki (Sravya Rao). Mahidar and his friends get duped by an agent called Shankar Anna (Prabha Sreenu) who takes them to the bungalow of Bhupati (Bhanu Chandar) to rob him. Unaware of this, Mahidar's group enters the bungalow and start getting killed one after another.

Name Credited Role
Actor Shravya in Natana, Actor Shravya photos, videos in Natana Shravya
Actor Mahidar in Natana, Actor Mahidar photos, videos in Natana Mahidar
Actor Bhanu Chander in Natana, Actor Bhanu Chander photos, videos in Natana Bhanu Chander
Actor Dora Babu in Natana, Actor Dora Babu photos, videos in Natana Dora Babu
Actor Jabardasth Appa Rao in Natana, Actor Jabardasth Appa Rao photos, videos in Natana Jabardasth Appa Rao
Actor Jabardasth Phani in Natana, Actor Jabardasth Phani photos, videos in Natana Jabardasth Phani
Actor Prabhas Sreenu in Natana, Actor Prabhas Sreenu photos, videos in Natana Prabhas Sreenu
Actor Raghu Babu in Natana, Actor Raghu Babu photos, videos in Natana Raghu Babu
Cinematographer Vasu in Natana, Cinematographer Vasu photos, videos in Natana Vasu
Director Bharathi Babu Penupaatruni in Natana, Director Bharathi Babu Penupaatruni photos, videos in Natana Bharathi Babu Penupaatruni
Music Composer Lanka Prabhu Praveen in Natana, Music Composer Lanka Prabhu Praveen photos, videos in Natana Lanka Prabhu Praveen
Music Composer
Music Composer M. M. Sreelekha in Natana, Music Composer M. M. Sreelekha photos, videos in Natana M. M. Sreelekha
Music Composer