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Lens is a 2017 Indian Tamil Horror, Mystery, and Thriller movie. The cast and crew of Lens includes Anand Sami (Actor), Jayaprakash Radakrishnan (Actor), Misha Ghoshal (Actor), Ashwathy Lal (Actor), ‘Kulothungan’ Udayakumar (Actor), Jayaprakash Radakrishnan (Director), G. V. Prakash Kumar (Music Composer) .

Lens is a bilingual hostage drama written and directed by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan made simultaneously in Tamil and Malayalam. Dealing with the subject of voyeurism, it features Anandsami and Jayaprakash in the lead roles. Lens has been screened in several film festivals including Chennai International Film Festival, Pune International Film Festival, Bengaluru International Film Festival , Lonavala International Film Festival, and Bioscope International Film Festival in Delhi.