Julieum 4 Perum
(Tamil movie)

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  • Language: Tamil
  • Censored: U
  • Release Date: 07 April 2017
  • Runtime: 138 min
  • Genres: Comedy Drama Fantasy
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Julieum 4 Perum is a 2017 Indian Tamil Comedy, Drama, and Fantasy movie. The cast and crew of Julieum 4 Perum includes George (Actor), Amudhavaanan (Actor), Alya Manasa (Actor), Satheesh Kumar (Actor), Sandy Master (Actor), Mahanadhi Shankar (Actor), Billy Murali (Actor), Satheesh Kumar (Director), Raghu Sravan Kumar (Music Composer) .

Julieum 4 Perum is tamil film starring Amudha Vaanan, George Vijay, Alya Manasa in lead roles Directed by Satheesh R.V.