Umformung: The Transformation
(Hindi movie)

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  • Language: Hindi
  • Censored: -
  • Release Date: (2016)
  • Runtime: - min
  • Genres: Drama
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Umformung: The Transformation is a 2016 Indian Hindi Drama movie. The cast and crew of Umformung: The Transformation includes Akshaya (Actor), Sanjay Bhatiya (Actor), Sushil Bhosale (Actor), Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar (Director), Sanjib Sarkar (Music Composer) .

The movie Umformung the transformation deals with two parallel plots- one concerning a Buddhist monk living in a secluded Monastery searching for truth, and the other about a successful female builder who understands power, position and wealth. An incident changes the latter's life, leading her undertake a journey to understand the truth of life.