Bollywood Diaries
(Hindi movie)

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  • Language: Hindi
  • Censored: U/A
  • Release Date: 26 February 2016
  • Runtime: 122 min
  • Genres: Drama
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Bollywood Diaries is a 2016 Indian Hindi Drama movie. The cast and crew of Bollywood Diaries includes Ashish Vidyarthi (Actor), Raima Sen (Actor), Salim Diwan (Actor), Ekavali Khanna (Actor), K. D. Satyam (Director), Vipin Patwa (Music Composer) .

Bollywood Diaries is an Indian drama film, written and directed by K.D. Satyam and featuring Raima Sen, Ashish Vidyarthi and Salim Diwan in title roles. Satyam is known for his work as a writer for Gattu, a film that was awarded at the Berlin Film Festival and won another two awards at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. It also became a part of the list of India’s Oscar Nominations in 2012.