Venkat Prabhu
(Actor, Director)

Father - Gangai Amaran

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  • Date of Birth: 07 November 1975
  • Age: over 48 years
  • Credits: Actor Director

Mini Bio: Venkat Prabhu is an Indian film Actor and Director.

Venkat Kumar Gangai Amaren better known by his stage name Venkat Prabhu, is an Indian filmmaker, who has worked as an actor, director and playback singer in the Tamil film industry. After completing his education, he began pursuing an acting career, with his first three ventures, featuring him in a starring role, failing to release, following which he began appearing in character roles. He hogged spotlight for the first time when he turned director with the summer hit Chennai 600028 (2007). He achieved further commercial successes with his subsequent directorials Saroja (2008),Biriyani (2013) and Mankatha (2011). His father Gangai Amaren is a renowned music director.


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