Rajendra Prasad

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  • Date of Birth: 19 July 1956
  • Age: over 67 years
  • Credits: Actor

Mini Bio: Rajendra Prasad is an Indian film Actor.

Gadde Rajendra Prasad is an Indian film actor who predominantly works in the Telugu cinema is considered to be one of the finest comic heroes in the Telugu film industry. In 1991, he received Andhra Pradesh state's Nandi Award for Best Actor for Erra Mandaram. And after almost 25 years, he received his second Nandi Award for Best Actor for Aa Naluguru. Additionally, he has also received Honorary doctorate from Andhra University. In 2012, he starred in the medical thriller Dream, for which he won the Royal Reel Award along with director K. Bhavani Shankar at the Canada International Film Festival. He has been honoured with the title "Hasya Kireeti" by the Telugu Alliances of Canada, held at Mississauga. He was also honoured to walk the green carpet at the IIFA film festival held in 2009, marking his performance in the Bollywood film, Quick Gun Murugun. The film was also screened at the London Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, the New York Asian Film Festival and in The Museum of Modern Art, New York. He was elected president of Movie Artist Association (MAA) for two years in April 2015.


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