Jism 2
(Hindi movie)

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  • Language: Hindi
  • Censored: A
  • Release Date: 03 August 2012
  • Runtime: 130 min
  • Genres: Adult Thriller
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Jism 2 is a 2012 Indian Hindi Adult and Thriller movie. The cast and crew of Jism 2 includes Sunny Leone (Actor), Arunoday Singh (Actor), Randeep Hooda (Actor), Arif Zakaria (Actor), Sumeet Nijhawan (Actor), Pooja Bhatt (Director) .

Jism 2 is a 2012 erotic thriller film directed by Pooja Bhatt and written by Mahesh Bhatt. It is the sequel to the 2003 film Jism and marks the debut of Indo-Canadian former pornographic actress Sunny Leone in Bollywood. Jism 2 was launched on 1 December 2011, on popular Indian television show Bigg Boss, making the launch a first time ever in the history of Indian Cinema. Mahesh Bhatt compared Jism 2 to Italian romance drama Last Tango in Paris. Jism 2 has been passed with an A-certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for strong sexual content.

Name Credited Role
Actor Sunny Leone in Jism 2, Actor Sunny Leone photos, videos in Jism 2 Sunny Leone
Actor Arunoday Singh in Jism 2, Actor Arunoday Singh photos, videos in Jism 2 Arunoday Singh
Actor Randeep Hooda in Jism 2, Actor Randeep Hooda photos, videos in Jism 2 Randeep Hooda
Actor Arif Zakaria in Jism 2, Actor Arif Zakaria photos, videos in Jism 2 Arif Zakaria
Actor Sumeet Nijhawan in Jism 2, Actor Sumeet Nijhawan photos, videos in Jism 2 Sumeet Nijhawan
Director Pooja Bhatt in Jism 2, Director Pooja Bhatt photos, videos in Jism 2 Pooja Bhatt