Pasa Kiligal
(Tamil movie)

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  • Language: Tamil
  • Censored: -
  • Release Date: 15 January 2006
  • Runtime: - min
  • Genres: Drama
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Pasa Kiligal is a 2006 Indian Tamil Drama movie. The cast and crew of Pasa Kiligal includes Prabhu (Actor), Murali (Actor), Vineeth (Actor), Navya Nair (Actor), Malavika (Actor), Roja Selvamani (Actor), Amirtham (Director), Vidyasagar (Music Composer) .

Pasa Kiligal movie revolves around two villages Aalur and Melur. Sethupathy (Prabhu) and his brother Sevathayya (Murali) are fond of their only sister Maragadham (Navya Nair) living in Melur village.Vairaghya Bhoopathy (Nasser) who is the chief of the neighboring village Aalur and the two families are rival for generations. But Maragadham falls for Nallarasu (Vineeth) who is the brother of Bhoopathy.Then comes Alakalan (Kalabhavan Mani) who a schemer who wants to marry Maragadham. Both the brothers humiliate him and send him back. He ends up marrying Bhoopathy

Name Credited Role
Actor Prabhu in Pasa Kiligal, Actor Prabhu photos, videos in Pasa Kiligal Prabhu
Actor Murali in Pasa Kiligal, Actor Murali photos, videos in Pasa Kiligal Murali
Actor Vineeth in Pasa Kiligal, Actor Vineeth photos, videos in Pasa Kiligal Vineeth
Actor Navya Nair in Pasa Kiligal, Actor Navya Nair photos, videos in Pasa Kiligal Navya Nair
Actor Malavika in Pasa Kiligal, Actor Malavika photos, videos in Pasa Kiligal Malavika
Actor Roja Selvamani in Pasa Kiligal, Actor Roja Selvamani photos, videos in Pasa Kiligal Roja Selvamani
Director Amirtham in Pasa Kiligal, Director Amirtham photos, videos in Pasa Kiligal Amirtham
Music Composer Vidyasagar in Pasa Kiligal, Music Composer Vidyasagar photos, videos in Pasa Kiligal Vidyasagar
Music Composer