(Tamil movie)

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  • Language: Tamil
  • Censored: -
  • Release Date: 11 February 2022
  • Runtime: - min
  • Genres: Thriller
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FIR is a 2022 Indian Tamil Thriller movie. The cast and crew of FIR includes Manjima Mohan (Actor), Vishnu Vishal (Actor), Gaurav Narayanan (Actor), Gautham Menon (Actor), Maala Parvathi (Actor), Raiza Wilson (Actor), Ram C (Actor), Reba Monica John (Actor), Arul Vincent (Cinematographer), Manu Anand (Director), Ashwath Naganathan (Music Composer), Ashwath (Music Composer) .

The movie captures the story of Irfan, an innocent man with an ordinary life who is caught in inexplicable circumstances that alter his life and everyone around him. The movie narrates the socio-political mood of society in an entertaining and emotionally powerful way.

Name Credited Role
Actor Manjima Mohan in FIR, Actor Manjima Mohan photos, videos in FIR Manjima Mohan
Actor Vishnu Vishal in FIR, Actor Vishnu Vishal photos, videos in FIR Vishnu Vishal
Actor Gaurav Narayanan in FIR, Actor Gaurav Narayanan photos, videos in FIR Gaurav Narayanan
Actor Gautham Menon in FIR, Actor Gautham Menon photos, videos in FIR Gautham Menon
Actor Maala Parvathi in FIR, Actor Maala Parvathi photos, videos in FIR Maala Parvathi
Actor Raiza Wilson in FIR, Actor Raiza Wilson photos, videos in FIR Raiza Wilson
Actor Ram C in FIR, Actor Ram C photos, videos in FIR Ram C
Actor Reba Monica John in FIR, Actor Reba Monica John photos, videos in FIR Reba Monica John
Cinematographer Arul Vincent in FIR, Cinematographer Arul Vincent photos, videos in FIR Arul Vincent
Director Manu Anand in FIR, Director Manu Anand photos, videos in FIR Manu Anand
Music Composer Ashwath Naganathan in FIR, Music Composer Ashwath Naganathan photos, videos in FIR Ashwath Naganathan
Music Composer
Music Composer Ashwath in FIR, Music Composer Ashwath photos, videos in FIR Ashwath
Music Composer