• Language: Hindi
  • Censored: U/A
  • Release Date: 24 May 2019
  • Runtime: 125 min
  • Genres: Action Drama Thriller
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India's Most Wanted is a 2019 Indian Hindi Action, Drama, and Thriller movie. The cast and crew of India's Most Wanted includes Amrita Puri (Actor), Arjun Kapoor (Actor), Rajesh Sharma (Actor), Aasif Khan (Actor), Ammar Taalwala (Actor), Bajrangbali Singh (Actor), Devendra Mishra (Actor), Gaurav Mishra (Actor), Prashant Alexander (Actor), Pravin Singh Sisodia (Actor), Rajiv Kachroo (Actor), Shantilal Mukherjee (Actor), Sudev Nair (Actor), Dudley (Cinematographer), Raj Kumar Gupta (Director), Amit Trivedi (Music Composer) .

A group of intelligence officers embark on a top secret mission to track down an international criminal.